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Footswitch for switching
on and off electrical devices

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Areas of application:

  • Development
  • Research
  • Craft
  • Industry
  • Hobby
  • Laboratory
  • Production
  • Workshop

Ideal for hand or foot

Switching capacity: 6 (2.5) A / 250 VAC

Life span: ≥ 50,000 switching operations

Contact material: Ag

Cable length about 1.4 m

Protection: IP 22, DIN 40050

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Fusstaster technische Zeichung

Footswitch with Schuko safety plug socket for 230 volts for switching on and off electrical devices with 1.4 m lead.

Ergonomic, compact pedal switch or foot switch made of tough, flexible polyamide.

Robust construction, high resilience.

The socket plug is energised as long as the footswitch is pressed.

Foot controller with power cord and plug for 230 volts, mounted on a sturdy plastic plate.

Carrying capacity: 6 amps for resistive loads, inductive loads 2 ampse.

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